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Henry Motors is your comprehensive car service, maintenance and car repair centre. Our fully qualified and certified technicians can service or repair any make or brand of car, according to the vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines. We are committed to providing you and your car with the highest level of quality service possible. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers and we will never complete any repairs or maintenance that was not part of the agreement without prior authorisation. At Henry Motors we believe that servicing your car should go beyond the standard check-ups and periodical part replacements, it should also include diagnostics and testing to identify and prevent any future problems from occurring.

Servicing your vehicle regularly has many benefits including: improving fuel-efficiency, preventing future car problems, reducing carbon emissions and increasing the re-sale value of the vehicle. Every vehicle needs periodical maintenance and servicing no matter the distance or speed it is regularly driven. Vehicles use oil, filters, fluids and various other parts that are checked or replaced during a service to protect the engine and gearbox from damage. At Henry Motors, we use only the highest quality parts that are affordable and offer guaranteed performance. So do not wait until a warning light or a strange noise turns into an expensive, frustrating mess, let Henry Motors maintain and protect your car today.


Henry Motors is part of both the ROSE Foundation and the RMI Organisation. ROSE stands for Recycling Oil Saves the Environment and Henry Motors is committed to standing by this principle in all of its operations. The Retail Motor Industry Organisation regulates the labour and trading conditions of its members.

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